Antelope Canyon Tours

Where to find Antelope Canyon Tour Operators based in and near Page Arizona. The Antelope Canyon is located a few miles outside the city of Page Arizona. Tour companies drive visitors the canyon and guide them on an easy walk through it.

Picture of Antelope Canyon Arizona

About the Antelope Canyon
A beautiful photo of the interior of Antelope Canyon and general information about the canyon and the park in which it is located.

About Antelope Canyon Tours
Visitors to the Arizona's Antelope Canyon must be accompanied by an authorized tour guide. Photography tours will typically last longer then sightseeing tours and cost up to twice as much. There is a time limit for photography tours of 2 hous per day in the Upper Antelope Canyon and 4 hours per day in the Lower Antelope Canyon. Note that the canyon is closed to all visitors when there is a danger of flash flooding. These closures will usually happen most frequently during the late summer flooding season.

Antelope Canyon Tour Prices
Guided tours of the Antelope Canyon typical cost between $20 and $32 for sightseeing tours and between $35 and $50 for longer photography tours. Some of the tour prices include extras such as park admission fees and taxes, some do not, and some of the tours offer lower prices for children. If you are shopping for the best tour price, besure to to ask about those charges and ask also how long the tour will last. Tour prices are typically highest between March and September and sometimes there is an extra charge for the more popular morning tours.

Upper Antelope Canyon Tour Operators

Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours < br /> Navajo owned business specializing in tours of the Upper Antelope Canyon conducted by Native American guides. Located inside the Antelope Canyon Tribal Park area. For more information write to Dalvin Etsitty, Navajo Tours, PO Box 4586 in Page Arizona or call 928-698-338.

Antelope Slot Canyon Tours < br /> For more information write to Antelope Slot Canyon Tours, 55 South Lake Powell Boulevard, PO Box 338 in Page, Arizona or call 928-645-5594.

Antelope Canyon Tours
Antelope Canyon tour company Navajo owned and operated by Carolene Ekis. For more information write to Antelope Canyon Tours, 22 South Lake Powell Boulevard, PO Box 936 in Page, Arizona or call 928-645-9102 or after hours at 435-675-9109.

Overland Canyon Tours
Phone: 928-608-4072. Prices (do not include tax or park entrance fee): $20 (adult), $10 (child aged 8-12), free for children younger than 8.

Lower Antelope Canyon Tour Operators

Ken's Lower Antelope Canyon Tours
Most of the Antelope Canyon tours cover the upper Antelope, but Ken's specializes in tours of the Lower Antelope Canyon. Sightseeing tours depart every 30 minutes during the company's operating hours and photography tours have a time limit of four hours. For more informatin about Ken's Lower Antelope Canyon Tours call 928-606-2168.

Water Holes Canyon Tour Operators

Slot Canyon Hummer Adventures
(Water Holes Canyon) $139, 5 hours Phone: 928.645.2266. Prices (include tax and entrance fee): $69 (3-hour tour), $139 (5-hour tour).

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