Arizona Tree Frog

The state amphibian of Arizona is the frog species Hyla eximia that is more commonly known as the Arizona tree frog, the mountain tree frog, or the Madrean tree frog. Hyla eximia is only about 3/4 to 2 inches long, a little larger then a quarter coin. Usually they are green but some of them are more of a gold color. Each Arizona Tree Frog also has a strip that starts at its nose, runs throughs its eye, and continues to the base of it's rear leg.

Arizona Tree Frog: State Amphibian of Arizona

Amphibia Web: Hyla Eximia Profile
A small photo of the Hyla eximia frog, a description of the frog, and information about its habitat, distribution, life history, abundance, activities, trends, threats, relationship to humans, and special behaviors.

Photo and Introduction to the Arizona Tree Frog (PDF)
Arizona state amphibian photo and fact sheet published by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

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